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Is Boxoit a full-service marketing agency?
Boxoit is a full service digital agency, meaning that we are specialized in digital solutions that you can know about through here. But we have good relations and partnerships with other agencies and companies whose services or products integrate with what we can offer you.
What is the cost of any of the services Boxoit provides?
It varies according to the business size and needs. We are always welcome to connect with you to gather the most about your needs to give you the most accurate prices for the services you might need.
How long does it take to start working on my projects?
As soon as you agree on the technical and financial proposals, we sign the contracts next day and we’re good to go according to the time plans proposed.
Can Boxoit provide only tiny bits to already ongoing projects?
Of course, we can. We are very open to collaborating with other agencies or service providers to accomplish your needs. We also have no problems with completing or modifying projects that we haven’t made.
What is the importance of a website for my business?
A website, or as we call it a web portal, is your image in front of the world. A meaningful, well designed, informative website for your business means better communication with your clients or customers, providing them enough information about your brand and products.
What is the importance of an ecommerce website for my business?
Online shopping is the present and the future of shopping. With more hectic and busy schedules people have, the less time they have for shopping in malls or retail stores. Online shopping has provided a great alternative for people who can’t leave their homes, or offices to buy what they need.
So why not start selling your products online and reach your customers where they spend their time the most; online?
What’s the importance of SEO for my business?
Being present on the first page of search engines when your customers are looking for your products or similar products to what you offer is the real deal. And no, it’s not that simple. It takes months of keyword research, website modifications, and a lot of factors baked into showing you on the first page.
What’s the importance of social media marketing for my business?
The average human with internet access spends over 2 hours a day on social networks (source). So, it’s a great opportunity for your business to reach your customers or clients over there. Boxoit will help you reach the most relevant customers with most interest in your products or services.

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